Leaky Paywall Monthly Update – July 2022

Expert Advice On Tap Self-study is a valuable tool, but sometimes, you just need to talk to an expert. This month, Leaky Paywall is putting our combined expertise at your disposal. Find out how Pete can help you grow your subscriptions, learn more about Leaky Paywall’s features from Jeremy, hear Tyler’s advice for local news […]

Leaky Paywall Monthly Updates – June 2022

New Looks at Old Favorites We’re taking a back-to-basics approach to the summer. It’s time to review your paywall, ensure that you’re using the best practices and settings to maximize your subscription revenue. We have tips, tools, and techniques for avoiding paywall pitfalls, attracting upgraded subscriptions, and finding creative ways to monetize your publication. Ready […]

Leaky Paywall Monthly Updates – May 2022

New Friends, New Solutions Our focus this month is on education: sharing new tools and new tips to improve your digital publication and boost your subscription revenue. We have a new network to introduce, podcasts with subscription techniques and innovations, helpful information on new integrations, and success stories from your fellow publishers. Ready to learn? […]

Leaky Paywall Monthly Updates – April 2022

An exciting new feature This month, Leaky Paywall is excited to fully unveil MultiPass, our new one-subscription solution to selling multiple publications under the same banner. This streamlined solution is ideal for regional newspapers or multi-magazine publishers. But we also have exciting updates for everyone, including a new payment gateway, quick fixes for paywall problems, […]