10 Amazing Subscription Prompts To Inspire Paid Conversions

An overlooked Weapon You have subscription cards. It’s a necessary part of the process – bring them in with your awesome content and then you have a page that tells them how to get more and how much it costs. But, used correctly, this simple necessity can actually become part of your sales pitch. We’ve […]

How To Use Leaky Paywall As A Hybrid

Leaks Aren’t For Everyone Your content is your currency, so it’s not surprising that an entire industry has arisen around keeping it safe. Leaky Paywall is hardly the only metered paywall out there. But it is the most versatile. For most publishers, the strongest selling point of a paywall is the leaky bit. Allowing readers […]

How Your Ad-Blocker Strategy Can Win Paid Subscribers

Everyone needs an Ad-blocker Strategy Advertising is a time-honored part of the publishing world. The digital space, however, has changed the game. ‘Banner blindness’ keeps readers from registering the content of banner ads. And for any kind of pop-up ad, over 30% of site visitors have installed ad-blockers. Many browsers now build in ad blocking. […]

How to grow your print subscriptions with digital issues

The Digital Dilemma In an increasingly digital world, it’s difficult to fathom staying afloat as a print publication. But the transition into digital hasn’t been easy either. First, there’s the slow evolution of exactly what a digital issue means (don’t worry, we have an answer for you). And then, there’s the problem of advertising. Digital […]

Track & Field’s strategy for migrating print readers to a digital format

A Universal Truth Your readers are, in many ways, the most important part of your publication. They’re the source of your revenue and the driving force of your content. And while you are the common thread they share among them, they come to you for different reasons from different backgrounds at different stages of their […]

Increase Your Subscriptions By At Least 10% With An App

Apps Are Not Optional This is probably something you’ve heard before, but it bears quite a lot of repetition: You must have an app. It’s not just how ubiquitous they are. (And they are: can you remember the last time you saw someone out and about without their smartphone? Can you remember the last time […]

How To Build Your Audience With Email and Social Media Engagement

Foundations Are Just Beginnings You can’t attract an audience to your digital publication without first creating amazing content – and fortunately, that’s your wheelhouse. Once you’ve got the content, you can protect it (but not too tightly) with a metered paywall, allowing readers a taste of their choosing, without giving away the whole feast. That’s […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Leaky Paywall, Past and Future

Every Hero Has An Origin Story We’re always happy to talk about how Leaky Paywall works for you – how it helps you reach your readers, grow your audience, and increase your subscription revenue.  Have you ever been curious about more of the details, technical or otherwise, of how Leaky Paywall came to be and […]

How to Price Your Digital Publication to Retain and Increase Your Subscriptions

And now for something completely different… We talk a lot about how to woo your subscribers. But before you can start growing your digital subscriber base, you must answer a very important question: How much should my subscription cost? Pricing a digital publication is a crucial starting point.  You have to start in the right place. […]

Create New Sources of Revenue from Existing Content

Untapped Goldmines We’ve talked about this before, but there is an undeniable truth that deserves some time in the spotlight: Your digital publication has a ton of content that is either being overlooked or underutilized. Think about it. You’ve spent years putting out article after article of solid, brilliant, valuable content. There’s no way that […]

Why You Should Be Publishing Special Digital Issues

Everybody’s Got Issues Publishers already work incredibly hard. Your attention is on creating brilliant content: finding the right audience, the right sources, the right angle, the right words. On top of all that, you have to do the actual publishing: the platform, the distribution, the promotion, the revenue streams. It’s a lot. In recognition of […]

Issue-based rockstars: 2 Folio awards for 2 IssueM publications

Take a Bow!  Many congratulations to Modern Drummer and Einstein Magazine (and if you can’t wait… see the Folio winners now). Their rockstar digital publications nabbed them a place among the prestigious Folio: Ozzie Awards, winner and finalist. Who are they? Einstein Magazine serves the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Modern Drummer is 40 years of […]

How A Local Newspaper’s Metered Paywall Doubled Its Subscribers In 18 Months

The Challenge: Valuable News Hidden Away The Austin Monitor is an online news publisher dedicated to the local political and business happenings of Austin, Texas. Though their content was prolific and valuable, their original hard paywall severely limited the growth of their readership. After all, it’s hard to court new readers when they can only […]

Why the Metered Paywall is the Heart of your Marketing Strategy

Two Truths Digital paid subscriptions have been a bit of a trial-and-error gig since the invention of the internet. But two seemingly unrelated things have become indisputably clear: The reader needs to be in control of their browsing experience Email marketing is still the number one acquisition and retention channel for digital publishers So what paywall […]

20 Best Features of Leaky Paywall You Don’t Know About

Easy Doesn’t Have To Mean Basic Leaky Paywall is an easy tool to set up. It can be installed easily, you can input your baseline settings easily, and then it can begin increasing your subscriptions easily. Of course, we can make it fancier. We’ve recently discussed some of the ways we have tweaked and customized […]

What if you simply let paid subscribers post classifieds?

The Challenge: Classified Ads De-Classified Advertising is often the lifeblood of a magazine, financially speaking. Whether it’s a full-page photo ad with an attached perfume sample or a veritable catalog of classified ads, advertisements are a source of income. To a certain extent, this is true of web-based publications as well. Though banner ads have […]

How To Boost Paid Subscriptions with a Free e-Book

The Challenge: A Reason To Subscribe For more than 10 years, Soccer Coach Weekly has been the go-to digital publication for the mentors of The Beautiful Game. Replete with drills, training plans, and even personalized advice, Soccer Coach Weekly is an invaluable resource for the entire range of juvenile soccer coaches. Originally launched in 2006, […]

Join our webinar – Make The Most Of Your Metered Paywall

A metered paywall is a powerful tool for increasing your paid subscriptions and ZEEN101’s Leaky Paywall is as user-friendly as it gets. But even the friendliest and most powerful tool can be made more effective with a few tips and tricks. Join us for our FREE webinar and learn how to make the most of […]

Traffic Surges and Web Growth: A Year With ZEEN101

A Year of Effort, A Year of Reward 2017 was The Year of Modern Drummer’s Digital Magazine. Originally a print magazine with a decent news blog and articles hidden in PDFs, Modern Drummer expanded to include a true, issue-based online publication. ZEEN101’s Anvil suite of products played a significant role in the process. Over the […]

Focus On The Users: Technology Lessons From ‘WordCamp For Publishers’

What’s Good For the Tech… WordCamp for Publishers was a treasure trove of information for the publishing space, both on the marketing and technical side. In terms of marketing, ZEEN101 learned a lot about the value of subscriptions over ads as a revenue source. The technical lessons were, well, technical but they had some broader […]

How a legal magazine used their paywall to explode their email list (and subscriptions)

The Challenge: Strong Content, Low Readership and Subscriptions The Practice is an online magazine published by Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession. It’s a valuable resource for legal professionals, full of news, analysis, and continued learning on the global practice of law. Published first in 2014, and running seven issues per volume in […]

Subscriptions, Not Ads: Lessons Learned At ‘WordCamp for Publishers’

A Learning Experience This August, WordPress held the first ever WordCamp for Publishers in Denver, Colorado. Hosted at the Denver Post building and attended by publishers of every size and shape – including such giants as Condé Nast, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and the Chicago Sun-Times – it was hardly an event that ZEEN101 […]

Read the Bibblio interview on how a veteran magazine publisher got digital publishing right

The Beat Goes On The web-based issues and subscription success of Modern Drummer magazine is getting some attention. Fully customized web issue publishing and archiving, an easy-to-manage metered paywall, and an automated iOS and Android experience, helped drive their results. Revealing insights from Bibblio a Medium Source The content-recommendation–specialists Bibblio interviewed Modern Drummer and recently published an […]

How a drumming magazine leapt into digital subscriptions with resounding success

The Project – A Proud Print History Modern Drummer is a comprehensive drumming magazine with a long history of compelling issues. Interviews with titans and rising stars, product reviews, tools and tricks of trade, reflections on the history of music – Modern Drummer has been providing the drumming brotherhood with a wealth of treasure for […]

Meet us at Denver’s WordCamp for Publishers!

Twenty years ago, I was a publishing student in Emerson College’s Writing, Literature, and Publishing program. I loved books and print, but—truth be told—I attended the program’s print publishing classes begrudgingly—solely for employ-ability reasons. (Because who wouldn’t want a $25,000/year job with no benefits in New York City…?) The print world didn’t thrill me. After […]

We help Einstein Magazine win Best Design – Folio Award

Einstein Magazine was chosen by Folio as 2016 and now 2017 Winner of it’s category for digital publications. It uses our IssueM toolkit for WordPress to manage live web issues. We are very proud that our issue publishing platform runs the core of this publication. Source: 2017 Folio: Ozzie Digital Award Winners Source: 2016 Folio: Ozzies Digital […]

What happens when you lock down your paywall?

Visitor traffic plummets but subscription conversions increase four fold. What should you do? Watch this video [4:06] to find what the Wall Street Journal discovered and what options you have.    

What’s the difference between a metered paywall and membership software?

​There are some big differences between membership software and a metered paywall… the biggest is that the meter will let Google index and rank all your articles in search. ​ ​The meter (which gives a reader X number of articles of their choosing before requiring a subscription) also promotes social sharing since any article can […]

How to add a display/banner ad into your WordPress sidebar

Learn how to quickly create a linked banner ad and publish it into your sidebar. This method breaks down into a few simple steps: In your Dashboard create a draft ad Page for this and future ad work Upload the display ad image and insert it into your ad page Link the image to your […]

46% of 25+ year-olds pay for digital news subscriptions

The trend is turning… the world of low value free information is so underwhelming that we would rather pay for access to great reporting on our special topic of interest. Your readers prefer to pay for better information than they can get for free. So if you run a news site that produces original content for your niche […]

To Build An Audience: Improve the Worst…Don’t Beat the Best (Podcast)

The Digiday podcast this week talks with NowThis president Athan Stephanopoulos about his approach to capturing and keeping a digital audience. NowThis (formerly NowThis News) creates news videos for distribution to social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Their average video receives roughly 750,000 views, and they’ve gotten there, Stephanopoulos says, by focusing on improving […]

How to get to 5000 paying subscribers in 1 year

This question came in last week from a publisher looking to start up. Let’s jump in… in order to get to 5000 subscribers you need to do 2 things very well: produce exclusive “can’t get anywhere else” content produce content your audience “can’t live without“ What subscribers will pay for Let’s take a look at a […]

How Crunchyroll.com gets 750,000 people to pay for digital content

Like many digital offerings and publications, Crunchyroll is in a niche industry: a global video service for streaming Japanese Anime and Asian media (animated videos). Whether you publish articles, how-tos, or other content, Crunchyroll.com’s methods work. Crunchyroll.com has a tiered membership model: a free level of service which serves up ads to viewers with free memberships […]

The New Yorker finds success with its metered paywall

If you are considering or implementing a metered paywall you need to read this article. The New Yorker magazine has some very compelling data about the success of it’s metered paywall. As of today they offer 6 free articles before you need to pay to subscribe. At article 4 they interrupt you to promote their […]

Stripe vs PayPal, what’s best for a digital publisher?

In 2014, blogger, Shannon George, wrote a detailed article comparing two online payment processors, PayPal and Stripe . The article, Paypal vs. Stripe, is a great read to understand the differences, pros, and cons of each. If you are using the WordPress platform for your digital publication, both processors can handle subscriptions (recurring and non-recurring). It’s nice to […]

Harper’s launches metered paywall using our Leaky Paywall for WordPress

Harper’s is the second oldest print magazine in the United States and is making their way in the digital world. They recently decided to employ our Leaky Paywall to give readers 1 free article from their publication before requiring them to subscribe. This gives Harper’s three important benefits: Allows readers to sample a full article […]

3 simple subscription nags that work

Your reader has reached the end of their free article meter and your nag to subscribe pops into the article. What can you do to motivate readers to subscribe? Here are 3 easy to setup nags that work. 1. Embed an image that sells your subscription View a few articles on http://dynastyfootballwarehouse.com until your trigger […]

Ad Blogging: Monitization strategy #4

#4 Ad Blogging – letting advertisers promote 24/7 on your site One of the best kept secrets in advertising is simply giving your advertisers the ability to blog their promotions on your website’s homepage. Let’s call them “ad bloggers” Instead of filling up premium space with banner ads, go ultra premium: let advertisers publish their […]

The Paywall: Monitization strategy #3

#3 Your Paywall – readers try before they buy If you think your content solves a pain point for your audience that motivates them enough to pay then you absolutely should be running a metered paywall. What is a metered paywall? Simply a metered paywall lets your reader view X number of articles over a […]

The Native Ad: Monitization strategy #2

#2 Native Ads – preserving the trust What is a native ad? Remember the advertorial in magazines? Well, native advertising is the same thing. You publish an article that is sponsored or paid as if it were a regular article. The difference is you must flag it to the reader as “Promoted or Sponsored” and […]

The Banner Ad: Monitization strategy #1:

Your audience is always willing to “pay” to read your publication. How much they are willing to pay is the unknown you must uncover. Let’s explore the possibilities and put an approach together for your publication. Before we begin, consider what your audience will tolerate: Your reader will always pay by Accepting ads, Subscribing with […]

Make them read the blurred text – How to motivate readers to subscribe

You run a metered paywall. Your articles are getting found in Google search and they are getting shared in Facebook. Your readers arrive at your site and comb through more articles. They are interested. They might subscribe. How do you encourage them? Do what the Austin Monitor does: Make them want to read the blurred […]

Publisher profile: Running a metered paywall and apps… together

Profile DKonPittsburghSports is a Pittsburgh sports news site run by the award winning journalist Dejan Kovacevic (DK). DK offers readers 2 free articles using a metered paywall. The paywall is integrated with his iOS and Android apps for centralized subscriber management. After a reader views 2 articles either on his website or in his apps, […]

It’s time to monetize your back issues

Why are readers drawn to content decades or even centuries old? The answer is a simple one: Articles that were once popular as cutting-edge news are now highly valued for their historical content. Digital archives are typically being made available through premium multimedia subscriptions that command significantly higher rates than print-only subscriptions — while still […]

What Does ‘Going Digital’ Actually Mean For Publishers?

“Going digital” has been the publisher’s catch-cry ever since the web started to take hold but for many small publishers it’s always been a costly undertaking. In the last few years, that’s all changed as low-cost, often free, products have once again levelled the publishing playing field. Now, the problem is not one of cost […]